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.Com is Not The .End of It !

The internet will change forever as the Dot Big Bang will bring over 1000 New dot-website address endings to the internet in 2014. No longer constrained to the .com extension, New domain websites will come in a large variety of flavors and serve multiple purposes. Every internet user will be affected in some way.

Top New .Addresses

.Guru, .Photography, .Tips, .Today, .Technology and .Directory are the leaders as over 236,000 new dot-addresses come online.
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New Dots Topics

Variety and Choice

There will be new web extensions in a wide variety and flavors, for varying purposes, providing a huge number options for new web addresses.

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New Dots and Trademarks

Trademark owners face challenges protecting their brands in the new .addresses. Preparation is key to successfully navigating the New Dot Landscape.

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"New Dots" are the biggest change to the structure of the web since it began. New Dots will change how we navigate the web - where we search, where we shop, where we get mail, where we stream video, and more. The web, and the world around us will never be the same.